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I've created this section to curate some of the book, podcasts and resources that I've found to be powerful and transformational tools.

More resources coming soon but for now...

Reading to Learn

Books, fresh ideas and practical plans


Read this if...

You've never read a self-help book in your life. A quick read full of wild stories, chaos and a sense of coming out the other side. You'll laugh, you'll shake your head, you'll have an intro into affirmations, self-talk and the power of planning with clarity.

Read this if...

You want to think about happiness in a whole new way. Science-based, full of great stories, and a new perspective on what humans need versus what they want.


Read this if...

You want help creating a clear roadmap for the next step in your career. Analyze where you're at, what you've got, and where you want to be. Think outside the box and discover what's next for you.


Read this if...

You're a woman who wants a whole new perspective on money. For example, Rachel posits that the best way for women to change the world isn't to keep volunteering and giving away our knowledge for's to make a shit-ton of money and use the power that comes with that to influence any damn thing we want. 


Read this if...

You're ready to discover your highest calling. A practical guide to figure out what you should be doing and how to get there. Home to the famous "zone of genius" model. A book to help you dream, and help you get there.

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Creative Cure.jpeg

Read this if...

You can barely remember the child in you who found pleasure in creating, making believe and doing something just for the heck of it. Full of practical exercises on re-finding joy, creativity and play in your life.

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